Become Mental Health Literate

Do personnel in your organization need to develop mental health literacy? Do you work with populations at high risk of mental distress, and act in caregiving roles? Do you need to develop capacity for emotional awareness and skills to help you serve more effectively? Do you have specific areas of concern that you need addressed? Tell us more about what you need, and Mentalogue will do our best to put you in touch with a professional who can train your team.

Build Capacity In Organizations

Are you a professional in the field of mental health? Do you have experience conducting workshops, training and modules for different focus groups and needs? Are you a counsellor looking for avenues to utilize your experience and knowledge for the wider community? Tell us what you can do, and Mentalogue will do our best to match you to an organization who needs your expertise while assisting with the logistics.

Affordable and Easy

Provide access to hundreds of providers to all your employees or those who need help

Grow Human Capital

Retain talent and boost productivity and relationships in the workplace

Flexible & Customized

Find solutions to your unique needs and allow your employees to find their best fit

How does it work?

chat with us

and tell us about your goals, challenges, and needs.

customize a program

as we leverage on our network of providers and experts.

create impact

with ongoing analysis to achieve your organization’s goals.

Be a pioneer & industry leader.

At Mentalogue, we are committed to working with organizations to build a resilient future.

Whether its supporting employee health and wellness, transforming culture, creating strategic visionaries, or leading with values of corporate social responsibility, Mentalogue invites you to take a step towards building an organization that is resilient, future-ready, and equipped to tackle challenges with a foundational and robust human capital workforce.