Programs for Mental Health Professionals

Providing quality and reasonably priced training for existing mental healthcare professionals while providing an avenue for trainers and practitioners to share their skills & access a wider market via our network of providers.

You Can Help Minimize Suicide: An Experiential Learning Series in Counselling Skills by Dr Lynda Ling

8 & 15| 22 & 29 AUGUST 2020

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Your services and expertise are listed beautifully and simply, allowing your practice to be searchable and accessible to millions of Malaysians who need legitimate support.

Grow Clientele

Potential clients can reach you directly on the platform, streamlining client onboarding and allowing you to grow your clientele as a leading mental health provider.

Grow Professionally

As part of our ecosystem, you will have access to other mental health providers and be the first to know of professional mental health opportunities nationwide.

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As a social cause, our search engine for mental health services is 100% free.

Mentalogue is inviting you as a trusted mental healthcare provider to be part of our network of professionals by listing on our platform. By providing us accurate information about your credentials and expertise, your services will be immediately accessible and searchable to millions of Malaysians who may need your care and expertise.


Most frequent questions and answers

Mentalogue curates a network of trusted and transparent mental healthcare providers and resources onto a search and discovery platform, with the aim that anyone can find the care they need quickly and easily.

Mentalogue makes it easier for you to reach a wider range of clients who are looking to engage your mental healthcare services.

Simply onboard with us by sharing the relevant information we would need for your profile – this is completely free. In the future, we plan to enable many more features for user accounts – feel free to tell us what you’d like to see on the app too.

Mentalogue only lists mental healthcare providers and resources actively available in Malaysia – this includes licensed counsellors, clinical psychologists, and psychiatrists as well as other mental health tools and services. Providers that list with us are required to have the appropriate licenses or credentials, which Mentalogue verifies against publicly available information from the respective accrediting/membership bodies in Malaysia. As a provider, you are responsible for sharing accurate and transparent information about you and your practice.

Listing on Mentalogue’s search and discovery platform is completely free. When clients engage your services, all payment policies and processes are between you and your client. At present, Mentalogue does not take part in financial transactions between you and your client.

Mentalogue by itself is not a mental healthcare provider or therapist. We do not conduct therapy or own any physical spaces for therapy at present, but instead connect clients to providers who do. In the future, we plan to consider features that allow providers to search for suitable and available spaces as well. Stay tuned!

All communications between you and your client is kept confidential. This is protected by general principles of confidentiality adhered to by providers, which only includes exceptions if a client is perceived to be in danger to themselves, others, or acting against the law. More information about data privacy can be found in Mentalogue’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policies.