We need spaces that facilitate mental health in the everyday, especially beyond the therapy room. We need public and private spaces that contribute to a culture of wellness.

Where care is given and received in a safe, affordable environment; where communities gather, connections nourished, and support built.

Project Spaces: The Idea

Most frequent questions and answers

What is the vision?

Healthcare practitioners have safe and reasonably priced physical and virtual spaces to serve key segments of the public, vulnerable groups, at-risk populations. 

People get to meet up in nodes around their area, activating spaces that would be rejuvenating and upbuilding for mental health.

What would it involve?

Collaborating and retrofitting co-working spaces and underutilized public/private spaces. Creating a space management function within our web application for providers and centers. Collaborating with tele-counselling channels where possible for remote clients. Training more lay-counsellors to activate their own community spaces.

What is the issue?

Real estate is expensive. We think therapists who want to provide affordable options should be relieved of this burden. Besides, treatment should be easy to get to — even if you don’t own a car.  We believe creating suitable spaces will lower the cost of treatment, thereby lowering barriers to help-seeking.

Also, we need better places for community building, support groups, and safe conversation. These places shouldn’t be a privilege, but an availability to all.

Who do we need for this to work?

Anyone who has room to share. Co-working spaces, underutilized public spaces, underutilized private spaces, extra seats in a cafe, an empty office, an unused room. Preferably centrally located, nearby public transport, easily accessible.

I'd like to be part of Project Spaces.